February 03, 2020

Successful Dümmen Orange Poinsettia Customer Seminar

New poinsettia production introduced to the European market

Each year in January, Dümmen Orange holds its Poinsettia Seminar in Rheinberg, Germany to kick off the new sales season with German growers. Last month, together with customers and business partners, Dümmen Orange evaluated the past year and looked ahead to the new year, while collecting feedback. Dümmen Orange aims for creating added value through great lectures and fruitful discussions. Next to this we work on improving our joint collaboration by discussing and sharing information on challenges and solutions. Of course we presented the new Dümmen Orange poinsettia assortment to our customers, next to poinsettia novelties and highlights for the coming 2020 season.

This year Dümmen Orange also gave its customers feedback from the first GreenGuard poinsettia season. The use of pesticides is increasingly becoming a social issue. GreenGuard is Dümmen Orange’s response to meet growers and consumers demands by producing poinsettia with two-thirds less of chemical load. GreenGuard enables our customers to start with beneficial organisms right away and results in a resilient crop producing cuttings of excellent quality.

The initiative and organisation of this event came from our colleague Jürgen Zwiehoff (Sales Manager Germany) and his team in Rheinberg. Thanks to their efforts we welcomed two acknowledged experts as guest speakers to our seminar, Jörg Klatt of Pflanzenschutzdienst NRW and Tobias Jäger of Stender GmbH. Jörg shared his views and knowledge on the possibilities of using beneficials. Based on his experience and work, Tobias discussed possibilities of peat free and peat reduced production. Maik Epping, our Retail Manager for Western Europe, showed trends and developments of  the poinsettia business. The final speaker of the day was Jürgen Zwiehoff. He is internationally known in the poinsettia business for his great knowledge and experience with this crop. Jürgen presented our new GreenGuard poinsettias, and talked about our poinsettia assortment and novelties.

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